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What to Expect

If you come to worship with us, you can expect…  


1. A Welcoming Community

We know it can be awkward when you first walk into the door of a new place. We want you to know that you are welcomed and wanted. We'll greet you at the door, answer any questions you may have, and leave you alone if you want that too. 

2. A Safe Environment No Matter Where You are in Your Faith

We believe in the transforming work of Jesus Christ in our lives and we want you to know this glorious truth in your life too. We also recognize that coming to a place of faith in that truth is often times a process. If you are a mature believer in Christ our desire is to encourage you to grow in your faith, engage you in profound worship, and equip you to serve the Lord within the church and without. If you are not yet a believer in Christ, we want to love you, answer any questions you have and patiently walk with you on the journey you are walking. We want to come along side you with eagerness but never pressure.

3. A Secure And Exciting Place For Your Kids

You can read more about what awesome things are happening for children at Redeemer here.

4. To Be Able to Come as You Are

Some people come dressed more formally with a jacket and tie, others come in jeans and a t-shirt. God is more concerned with your heart, so come as you feel most comfortable. 

5. A Biblically-Based Sermon that Challenges You and Directly Applies to Your Life

We don't want to stay the same. We want the power of God to shape us, clean us, heal us and transform us. So, the preaching at our church is meant to engage us in powerfully relevant ways. Sometimes that can be challenging and uncomfortable, other times it is encouraging and soothing. The point is, whether easy or difficult we want to know the Word of God in our lives and be shaped by its truth.

6. To Experience the Presence of God in His People, His Word, His Sacraments, and His Spirit

Christianity's primary message is that the tomb is empty and Christ has risen. He is alive and has sent his Holy Spirit to the church. Through the community of believers, the truth of the Bible, the "visible words" of Communion and Baptism and the working of the Spirit in our hearts, we long to know the power and presence of God in our church.