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Our Story

There is a longing in all of our hearts to be a part of a grand drama and a meaningful story. Every movie or book focuses on heroes and villains with a part to play in a significant event. Even more powerful are the stories of every day, unsuspecting people who step through a wardrobe, find a hidden map, or fall deeply in love and are suddenly moved into a situation bigger than themselves. Life becomes deeper. Colors more vibrant. Passion more intense. 

This is because we are all a part of the grand story of God that began with Creation, crashed during the Fall, and is continuing through the process of redemption as Jesus makes all things new. The image of God within all of us calls for us to be aware of the move of God around us and to take part in his great story.

Where did we start?

The humble beginnings of the Redeemer Anglican Church are about a few people coming together to be a part of God's story as it plays out in the Hamilton Mill, Dacula, Buford area. The dream for this new work came from a group of people with a vision for a faithful, liturgical, sacramental, and missional church. There have been people praying and working to get this endeavor off the ground for many months.

In the fall of 2012, The Rev. Dan Alger was able to come on board to gather the team and begin the work of setting the foundation for the new church. In April 2019, Rev. Alger moved back home to North Carolina to continue the work of church planting across the country and the world through the Always Forward Initative. We now continue our mission under the leadership of Pastor Collin Ross. 

Our dream for Redeemer

We long to be a church that deeply experiences the grace of God in a way that changes lives and in turn changes the community around us. This is an exciting time of formation for the church as we learn exactly what God is calling us to be. (Learn more about Our Values)

Where are we now?

We are in the early stages of this work, meeting on Sunday mornings in Dacula United Methodist Church's student center. We are starting small and growing.

Where are we going?

We hope to be a church where people can explore the claims of Christ, grow deeper in their faith, worship their God as Christians have for thousands of years, be a part of an authentic family and serve their community in the name of Jesus to make a difference in the lives of others.

Want to come?

We would love for you to come and see the exciting things that God is doing and add your skills and gifts to the adventure of starting Redeemer Anglican Church. Come see us or contact us. We’d love to meet you!